Senior Testing

As seniors begin their transition there are still some important notes about testing.  If you have questions about testing to meet graduation requirements or college entrance please see me.

End of Course Exams (EOC) or AIR:

Some seniors may still need to sit for one or more of the required end of course exams.  A thorough review of your transcripts has been conducted to review any test you may still need. 

Students may have to take one or more of the following exams as required by the Ohio Department of Education:

ELA 1 (English Language Arts 1)
ELA 2 (English Language Arts 2)
Algebra 1
History  and/or

If you are being asked to take and end of course exam it may mean you have never sat for the exam or you have not sat the number of required times in order to graduate.  Please take these exams seriously and give your best effort.  Choosing to not sit may jeopardize your graduation.

To review the required end of course exams you can review information on the Ohio Department of Education at End of Course Testing.

This link is only applicable for the class of 2020.


Scholars sat for their college entrance exam during spring of their junior year.  Scholars still have the opportunity to take the SAT one additional time prior to the end of their senior year.  To register for your exam please see Miss Alannah for a waiver number that you will take to the MVCAP staff member who will assist you in registering. 

STUDY! STUDY! STUDY!  All scholars have access to Khan Academy (log in using the Clever Portal located in the student log in section).  Khan provides students an individualized study pathway based on their past scores.  Studying for more than 6 hours can lead to a 100 point or more increase in scores.

It is important scholars know what schools they may be interested in attending and communicate that they have taken the SAT as their college entrance exam.  All schools accept both ACT and SAT.  Since scholars see a version of the PSAT and the SAT five times we encourage you to take the SAT.

Please NOTE:  if you sign up for an SAT Saturday administration and do not show up you will not have access to any additional waivers.  Make sure you have reliable transportation set up and follow all the instructions on your test ticket!  

For more information on the SAT and scores please see the sub page titled College Board.