Raider Team

Raider team is for those cadets who wish to challenge their physical endurance, mental strength, and their leadership. All cadets who participate in Raider team will have a chance to strengthen their leadership, improve on their fitness, and participate at local competitions. Raider team is for people who want to put their fitness and endurance on the line, people who wish to challenge themselves.

Raider includes a variety of events in every competition. The key to winning a competition is to be fast, agile, and accurate. There are 3 events they compete in; Push-ups, Curl-ups and 1-Mile Run.  Each event is timed with penalties if all of the rules are not met. Every raider competition includes:

Team Run

The team run is a given distance in which 10 cadets will run together as fast as possible. The team with the fastest time wins. There are penalties for not having everyone finish the run, carrying cadets, and pushing cadets during the run.

Rope Bridge

Rope Bridge is a timed event where the team constructs a rope across two given points, and the cadets must pull themselves across. The team with the fastest time wins. There are penalties for dropping items, crossing dead zones, and not constructing the bridge properly.

Physical Team Test

The physical fitness test includes carrying given objects (usually full sandbags or water jugs) and carrying them a short distance in rapid repetitions. Each team member must carryall of the objects to and from the point as fast as they can. The fastest team wins. The only penalty is if any of the items are dropped.

Obstacle Course

A timed event in which the raider team will attempt to complete a course of obstacles as accurately and quickly as possible.

The Raider team practices every Thursday from 1430-1530.