Stephens Public High School Students Small Grant Fund

East High School Transcript Request

1.  Students need to create an account on the site.

2.  Requested transcripts could be sent to a list of registered colleges or any other destination.

3.  After the request is completed, the request goes to the high school administrator to release
     and the system notifies the student automatically at each step of approval/delivery.

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No Child Left Behind Letter

Dear Parent or Guardian:

As part of the federal requirements of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act, we are notifying you that your child has been assigned, or has been taught for four or more consecutive weeks, by a teacher/substitute who is not “Highly Qualified.”

More information at:
No Child Left Behind Letter - PDF

College Credit Plus

College Credit Plus gives high school students the chance to earn college credit while they are still in high school at no cost to the student.

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College Credit Plus - PDF