11th Grade

Hello Class of 2021 Scholars and Families, 

Can you believe it, only one more year till GRADUATION? My name is Mrs. Ani Meade, and I have been the school counselor with the class of 2021 at East High School beginning our freshmen year.

Junior year is difficult academically.  One of my primary responsibilities is to assist in guiding you through that challenging time.  I meet with scholars individually, in small groups, and in classrooms to provide valuable information on facing those academic and social challenges. 

Junior year is also time to start focusing on what your post-secondary plans are and what steps need to be in place to achieve those goals. I will provide resources to help guide scholars and families to achieving this goal  in hopes that it is seamless and stress free! 

It is important to me that I work closely as a team with parents/guardians, teachers, administration, and staff to ensure your scholar is receiving all the support they need to guide them through these high school years. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. I look forward to working with scholars and their families throughout the next two school years!  

Mrs. Ani Meade 
330-740-4005 ext 4208