Battalion Staff

Battalion S-1 -Cadet CPT Kewon Carter

Responsible for publication of orders, directives, rosters, announcements and maintenance or personnel records. Distributes copies of orders in accordance with the Battalion SOP. Keeps personnel data sheets and personnel records up to date and posted. Maintains copies of all published orders.

Battalion S-2 -Cadet CPT Christopher Baker

Organizes the Annual Military Ball. Responsible for all recruiting functions. Responsible for monthly sensitive equipment inventories.

Battalion S-3 -Cadet CPT Ilenys Marcano

Prepares all training schedules in coordination with the SAI. Plans, Coordinates and executes all training events and Cadet Challenge. Prepares the Battalion for all field training to include Operations orders when required.

Battalion S-4 -Cadet CPT Nicole Gonzalez

Issues and receives clothing and equipment. Fills request for decorations and awards when orders are cut awarding them. Maintains all clothing records. Conducts monthly inspections of all equipment. Works directly under the supervision or the Property Book Officer.

Battalion S-6 -Cadet CPT Mylik Bailey

Responsible for providing publicity for all battalion activities. Provides written articles for High School paper, higher ROTC publications, and local media outlets. Primary photographer for all functions/activities. Maintains Chain of Command bards and display cases. Primary officer responsible for the publication of the Panther Battalion. Responsible for School Year Book layout and the Panther Scrapbook. Maintains the Battalion Website and Facebook page. Keeps Inventory of all Technology Equipment and keeps all equipment operational. Preforms other duties as directed by Battalion Commander, Executive Officer and Cadre.

Staff Photos